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The Fog

For everyone who may have heard The Fog, you can SEE it now too.

Check it out. We filmed it with our Groningen friends, Sensu when I was gigging with Fink. A lot of fun was had. And I do believe the video is quite suiting in it’s darkness.

Rachel x


India smells so wonderful. We wind the windows down as the taxi spins along the hectic roads, cars tooting, people clamouring; hanging washing up, cooking around little brick structures, drinking chai from small clay bowls, shooing street dogs, selling beautiful fruits. It smells spicy and is so warm on the skin.

Then we arrive at the studio disguised as a top floor apartment in a pinky building in some quieter corner of Kolkata and Jen and I stand on the balcony and try communicating with the most elegantly and colourfully dressed ladies across the roofs.

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Hello everyone

Finally we have the new website ready and raring to go. She awaits you and your wandering, inquisitive eyes. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know how the exploration goes and that everything is working the way it should…