A sonnet and a drawing

For the 12 days of Christmas (or thereabouts) here is my daily offering. A sonnet and a drawing. Themed on star signs. The first, it reads


Infant! All fingers and toes. I dare thee,
Summon all your innocence, hung, and strive
In earnest, some minute untruth; a lie.
Lo! Behold the softened steel. To his knees
Falls the ram without stealth to mask or greed
To qualm. Such pure flame in the baby’s eyes,

Dishonesty’s thumb sticks in such enterprise.
Not lies are spun but dreams so fancy free.

So brim’d are these that dance upon his crown
No day could stifle them; forged with red fire
The very pillow but his breeding ground.
By night will he burn; By light will he burn.
And never wouldst thou saith ‘how he tires’
The Aries mercies not for such a turn.

Goodbye for today