12 Days of Christmas 7

12 Days of Christmas Offering No.6


Pleasant walk ‘neath dappled copper rays. Bite
Underfoot, the rigour’d leaf crisply snaps
With mild crunch. The lake’s lid, a diamond bright.
In opal smooth, too, forest limbs are wrapt.

Or to bend and quiver on silent breeze
Like a single plume of white dove in spring
And sink upon a Venus palm, in ease
And parity enveloped. Balancing…

Such fine equity within doth dwindle
Though, with summer’s onslaught or winter winds;
When peaks with troughs do no longer mingle
The scales too keenly do tip in Librans.

In all their restless strife to fairly stand
Inconstancies do riddle such a man.

Happy New Year’s Day all. See you in Edinburgh