12 Days of Christmas 6

12 Days of Christmas offering No.5


Oh, gentle eye, quiet eye; scrutinizer
-Still gait, calm pace, restless devotion
To habit concealed but for strainéd sigh;
Casting thoughts to such turbulent notion.

Lay upon his skin, an ear, to listen.
Observe, the movement steady as a clock;
Calculated swing and sharp mechanism,
Like vanities; in casement under lock.

With little time for dreams and falling stars,
The smirk of irony does linger, pend-
-ing Vulcan’s imminent descent to mar
Earth’s bind as, t’wards flight, he all at once bends.

Of crisp capability fair and kind,
The Virgo holds, humbly, a brilliant mind.

Have a really good last day of the Year.