12 Days of Christmas 5

12 Days of Christmas Offering No.5


Leo, granted, roars in fearsome fashion
And paws a quaking earth in regal pad,
In glorious raiment his frame is clad
Tis not life but lived in throes of passion
He decrees. For certes, of this, he has in
Generous measures; such feasting to be had
And this he must share; one would be a mad
Babe of August, deface such impression.

The vulnerable doth lie sheathed in lucid
Casement. As does quiver a frivol blade
To belt. No lion runs; such sight is rare,
But judge not by his expression placid;
Be sure, the fractures, frantic, they are laid
within. He hankers…hush!
Dear mother’s care.

Have a good day under the rainclouds