12 days of Christmas 2

12 Days of Christmas offering No.2..


So indolent a beast to contemplate
In pasture green, serene, below the blue.
Wouldst thou e’er question so bovine a gait
To turn so fast if rage were to ensue?
Bathed beneath the light of Venus’ love
A home of stately providence be found
But wouldst thou think a stinge dwells in such cove?
Alas, to pockets wide is Taurus bound.
Though copper’s pliant attributes may well
Within him, buried, lie, ‘neath rooted hoof.
Though earnest does the metal, in him, dwell
He does not bend- heed this a solemn truth:

The Bull he rears but rare from stubborn post
But fraught are eyes to such rarity exposed.

Going to a ceilidh dance tonight. You should come.