12 Days of Christmas 10

12 Days of Christmas Offering No.10


We, in haste; in heightened, frightened pride; rise
As torn clouds do torment the tide that swells.
And waste our passion to reach the gull’s cries:
Strength proved and yet so weakened of our selves.
The Capricorn has triumphed in his calm.
Poor we! Drained as, with every puff, he gains
A further foot then, rooted like a clam,
The unassuming leader, poised, remains.
Then Lo! Once more, the goat ascends the mount.
Advancing and submitting, he adapts
With passive, pow’rful patience on account
Of all obstructions present on the path.

Though a slight woe doth tip his tongue and eyes,
As Aesop writ: The tortoise tips the prize.

My sister’s a capricorn.