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Little update for All

Supporting John Grant was a pleasure.

Only a couple special shows to come in the next few months. Other than that I’m going to go a little quiet and get stuck into stillness.

That inevitably means that, over the next few months, new plans will be made. All sorts of things will be created. And tour will soon be around the corner, once more. So hold tight.



Heading North to Home.

After months on the road, the last gig of 2015 has been played.

Late October in Austria, almost all of November in Italy and a final sing in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Big thanks to Al-x Nussbaumer in Austria, to Paulo & Simona at Rochetta Booking and Marco at Barley Arts for the gigs in Italy and to Molton for the beautiful final concert.

Rachel is now driving, with the good help of Tom Terrell, to Scotland for a rest.

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